Admission Procedure

1) Submission of registration forms between 15th Feb 15th March.
2) Entrance test for selected candidates in 1st week of April.
3) Admission priority
    (a) Air Force Personnel wards
    (b) Other Defence and Paramilitary force wards
    (c) Ex-Service men wards
    (d) Wards of Civilians
4) All admission are subject to availability of seats
5) Class strength limit 40 in primary and 45 in senior wing.
6) 4 sections per class up to X std.
7) Senior secondary has 2 Science Section and 1 Commerce Section.
8) C++,Informatics Practices,Economics,Mathematics,Physical Education and Hindi are Offered as optional subject(any one)

Admission Fee Categories

Fee is categorized as follows:
(a) Air Force Personnel
(b) School Staff
(c) NPF Staff
(d) Civilians

Admission Form

Admission Form , Admission Form page2
Health Card forms to be attached with Admission Form
Health Card pg 1
Health Card pg 2
Health Card Annex A Pg 1.jpg
Health Card Annex A Pg 2.jpg
Health Card Annex B Pg 1.jpg
Health Card Annex B Pg 2.jpg