School Profile

Participation of students in encouraged in the teaching / learning process. To make the whole process very interactive, role-play, presentation and projects related to different topics from the syllabus, are made use of in the classroom. Our school has a practical and an effective remedial programme based on scientifically designed diagnostic tests for under-achievers, and a programme for pursuit of excellence for brilliant students.

Stress laid on

1. Character building
2. All round personality development.
3. NCC & other social work activities.
4. Sound and meaningful education.
5. Emotional Stability and spiritual upliftment.

Audio Visual Aid Facilities

Great emphasis is given in providing quality education by means of new/modern teaching facilities like
1. OHP in science labs is made available through which lessons on practicals are conducted.
2. Facility of LCD projector, Colour T.V. and DVD are made available in the library so that suitable educational programmes can be shown to the students.
3. Globes, maps and educational charts are displayed in classrooms.

Computer education

The school has two well-equipped computer laboratories and one computer study room. All students are encouraged to learn and use computers and become computer savvy.


The school has a well equipped library with 10,000 books providing the best and the latest information on all important subjects.


We have 3 unit tests and 3 terminal exams every year. X & XII have weekly tests and 3 Pre-Boards.